Poseidon Water Wins the Desalination Deal of the Year for the Carlsbad Project

Global Water Intelligence has awarded Poseidon Water Desalination Deal of the Year for the Carlsbad Desal Plant. What makes it special?

  • The Carlsbad financing package marks the successful culmination of a decade of painstaking preparation and tremendous tenacity by Poseidon Resources. It proves beyond all doubt that with the right determination, large-scale desalination infrastructure in the US can be financed – even in California.
  • After indicating an average interest rate of 5.60%, propitious market conditions allowed the debt component of the deal to be priced at 4.78% – saving ratepayers an estimated $200 million in debt service costs over the lifetime of the bonds.
  • The water resourcing challenges of the arid Southwestern US require innovative financing solutions. The pioneering collaborative approach taken at Carlsbad will serve as a blueprint for the financing of other large-scale desalination projects across the southern US.

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