Environment FAQs

Is this plant environmentally sound?

Absolutely. Before Poseidon was allowed to begin construction, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, California Coastal Commission, California Department of Health, the City of Carlsbad and other local agencies were satisfied that the plant and its operations do not significantly impact the environment. The comprehensive review process under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) involves agencies at the local, state and federal levels and includes input from the local community and environmental stakeholders.

Are there byproducts of this process?

Concentrated seawater is the primary byproduct. The desalination process converts two gallons of seawater to one gallon of drinking water, and one gallon of water with twice the salinity of seawater. The concentrated seawater is diluted before it enters the ocean in accordance with environmental regulations and as approved by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Is the facility be noisy?

No. The only source of noise is the high-speed electrical pumps, which are acoustically attenuated to meet or exceed the City of Carlsbad's noise ordinances.

Did construction of the facility have any negative environmental impact?

No. The facility is built on an existing industrial site. The removal of the old oil storage tanks actually improved the appearance of the site, as will the implementation of an enhanced landscaping plan approved by the City.

Does the facility produce any odor?

No. There are no odors on or off the site from the desalination plant.