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Carlsbad Desalination Construction Project

In December 2012, Poseidon Water finalized a 30-year water agreement with the San Diego County Water Authority for the purchase of 50 million gallons per day of desalinated seawater and secured financing for the Project. The water will be produced at the desalination plant being built in Carlsbad and conveyed to the San Diego County Water Authority’s water system via a 10-mile pipeline.

Poseidon Water has contracted with a joint venture of Kiewit Infrastructure West and J.F. Shea Construction, Inc., to design and build the desalination plant and pipeline. IDE Technologies, Ltd., a world leader in desalination technology and operations, will engineer the desalination plant’s design and equipment and handle plant operations.

Construction on the plant began in late 2012 and construction on the pipeline is currently underway in San Marcos. After construction in San Marcos is complete in July of 2013, work will continue in Vista and Carlsbad as the pipeline travels to the Desalination Plant being built in Carlsbad. To keep the public informed about the progress of construction, Poseidon Water will provide regular construction updates on this website related to timing and potential detours and closures. Poseidon Water will work to minimize impacts to nearby businesses, residents, and commuters during construction. We appreciate your patience.

Construction Schedules

To learn more about the timeline or construction of the Carlsbad Desalination Project, view the Desalination Plant Updates Page or Pipeline Construction Updates page or get in touch with the Project team online or by phone at 877-752-3152.

Latest News

  • Construction Work in Carlsbad Coming Soon

    Construction on the desalination pipeline is scheduled to begin in Carlsbad in May. Pipeline work began in San Marcos at the San Diego County Water Authority’s Second Aqueduct connection facility and will travel through San Marcos, Vista and Carlsbad to connect to the desalination plant located in Carlsbad, west of Interstate 5. Read more...   

  • Construction Work in San Marcos

    The first segment of pipeline construction is currently under way in San Marcos at Rancho Santa Fe Road and Creek Street. On April 1, construction near Saint Joseph Academy on Las Flores and 9th Street will begin and work will travel east on 9th Street toward Rancho Santa Fe Road. On April 18, construction on Poinsettia Avenue and W. Read more

  • Pipeline construction is underway

    Preliminary site preparations are well underway for the first phase of construction on the pipeline aspect of the project. Construction teams have begun to position heavy equipment and materials as site planning moves forward. Meanwhile, salvage operations continue on large physical plant features and grading and other foundational preparations have begun to lay the groundwork for plant construction. Read more.

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