After twelve years of planning and over six years in the state’s permitting process, the Carlsbad Desalination Project has received final approvals from every required regulatory and permitting agency in the state, including the California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission and Regional Water Quality Control Board. A 30-year Water Purchase Agreement is in place between the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) and Poseidon for the entire output of the plant. Construction on the plant and pipeline is under way and the Project will be delivering water to the businesses and residents in San Diego County by 2016.

Poseidon specializes in developing and financing water infrastructure projects, primarily seawater desalination and water treatment plants. Poseidon’s projects are implemented through innovative public-private partnerships that link private financing with the construction and operation of water supply and treatment projects.


  • Carlsbad ‘final’ schedule taking shape

    By Tom Pankratz Last week, San Diego County Water Authority’s staff told its Board of Directors that it was making progress towards finalizing a draft agreement with Poseidon Resources to purchase water from the Carlsbad Desal Project. Ken Weinberg, the Authority’s Director of Water Resources, said he expects that a draft water purchase agreement (WPA) will be released to member agencies and the public this spring. Read more.

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